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Monday in the Studio

August 22, 2011

Another Story - Collage with Weathered and Hand Painted Papers, 8x8"

This collage incorporates papers that have been used to clean rollers, brushes, and knives — all of which I save, and on the right hand side is a piece of the weathered corrugated box material that I pulled off the compost pile last week. The layers are unified with big black paint splatters.

This morning I practiced going through more of the Corel Painter brushes, with emphasis on impasto and texture. Here are some sample strokes:

Textures and brushes in Corel Painter

The square on the bottom right includes an embossed pattern, created with one of the impasto brushes.

It’s going to be a busy week. I hope yours is a creative one!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 23, 2011 9:47 am

    Hi Martha:
    I love the new collage and the experiments with Corel are marvelous and colorful. Thank you for sharing.
    On another note: how do you store all those extra papers? I imagine you have many wiping, cleaning papers plus the weathered ones. Any suggestions as mine seem to be out of control.
    Thanks. Pat q

    • August 23, 2011 1:55 pm

      Thanks, Pat. And thanks for your question. My paper organization skills are in great need of improvement! I have a “stash” and then I have a “stack” and then I have a tub here, a bag here, and a bag there. That’s it!

      To be more precise, the weathered papers are mostly in the stash. That’s a big open tub that looks like an oversized cat litter pan, and it is very full. Then for my “stack” that I work out of, I pull out many of my favorites from the stash and keep those on the corner of my big work table. From just that stack of favorite papers on my table I swear I could make collages for the rest of my life!

      But then I also have a large clear plastic storage tub that has a variety of handmade papers and every other imaginable kind of papers. I stand them up rather than stacking them, so I can leaf through them. In addition, inside that tub are several clear plastic zipper bags that I saved from buying bedding that are filled with sort of “categories” of things like magazine photographs, one with just text snipped from magazines and junk mail, and on and on.

      I’d really like to get them into a more logical order. One of these days . . . 🙂

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