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The Before and After Challenge

June 24, 2009

OK, artists:  It’s summer and I’m in a silly mood. I’d like to propose a “Before and After” challenge.

How it works

If you have a digital image you’ve saved of one of your works of art that has been reworked completely, and also the new version of that piece, send both before and after versions to me by Saturday, June 27th to my email address:


Or, if you prefer, you can post them to your own blog and give us a link to them.

I encourage you to share the thought process behind your decision to change the work, whether or not you have any regrets about your changes, which version you like better, etc., and this will hopefully start a fun conversation.

This challenge is not for the purpose of having critiques. Critiques are supposed to be reserved for those who request them. So I hope we’ll all agree to keep our comments positive and constructive and just have fun with it.

With your permission, I will post your images along with your comments about your work here on the blog over the next few days (or weeks, if we get a lot of contributions.)

In order to keep from overwhelming WordPress, please reduce your images to 72 dpi and under 6 inches.

I’ve already started it off with yesterday’s post. Who wants to be next?


I love getting your comments, so please don't be shy! Your feedback is valued.

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