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New Collage from the Current Series

December 16, 2009

“Branches” – Collage, 5 x 7″
Mounted on 8 x 10″ Acid Free Paper

These collage were created as I documented my Intuitive Collage Process in a series of recent posts. After choosing something like a dozen 5 x 7’s from the matrix, I then came up with several 4 x 4’s. This is one of the original 5 x 7’s.

After choosing my basic composition for this one, all I added were the dogwood branches. I cut around the image contours, leaving my collage as the background behind the branches.

Time in the studio is at a premium these days, and not really because of the holidays. That has all been taken care of with minimal preparation on our part. I’ve been accompanying my husband all over the place to pick up things for the house and future garden, including topsoil for the tulips and daffodils, three blueberry bushes, birdseed, and mulch. Yesterday I planted the blueberries. Today or tomorrow we will be planting daffodils. My good friend Kim Radatz was so right when she said that gardening is an art form in itself and can be just as absorbing as any other creative activity.

The next project in the studio is to continue working on my big panels. This will require a major time commitment, so naturally I’m putting it off. Here is where I left off with them.

Most of this will be covered up in subsequent layers, but some will peek through here and there.

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