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Looking for My Inner Child

January 13, 2020

The holidays came and went just like that, didn’t they? For the first time ever, I didn’t put up my tree, and it felt so good. I still draped the top of my china cabinet and the mantel with lights and some garland, and that was that.

Then a quick trip to Florida over New Year’s to celebrate with some of my kids, grands, and greats. And here is where it gets especially fun. One of the moms shipped watercolors, brushes, and paper ahead so we could have some art time, and we did it all at a table outside. It was glorious. How I love kids’ art. They have a fearlessness and freedom that we lose at some point as we get older, and then we struggle to regain that same spark.

My favorite time of the year is now, after the holidays, when there’s not much going on out in the wider world. It’s a nice, quiet, creative time for dreaming, sketching, and just letting my inner child play with ideas.

My watercolor classes are back after a 2-week break, and everyone is glad to be back in “therapy.” We all miss it when there’s no class. I want to push them a little bit this year to try to open up and be more free. We’ve spent a lot of time just getting to know a bit about the medium, and each one has his or her own way of approaching it. It’s been interesting watching that unfold. There are the ones who are perfectly happy being loose and free, and then there are a couple of perfectionists who still want their work to be more like a photograph. I think you may know where I fit in: loose and free is my eventual goal. But it’s funny how a new medium forces one to go through baby steps before feeling brave. At least that’s what has happened with me. Please, Goddess, let me learn by watching the children.

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