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Changing Seasons, Changing Colors

December 6, 2015

This year we had fall for about five minutes. I can’t complain, because at least there are falls where we live now. As it sometimes happens, the leaves turned, and then we had a lot of wind that blew them down. Then we had rain for what felt like 2 solid weeks. Day after day was dreary and wintry, and even now that the clouds have moved on, the color is going out of the landscape.

I did manage to take just a few pictures of the leaves before they were gone. The day I took these, we had seen just a few patches of blue sky, so I asked Jim to hurry and go with me to our favorite state park just up the road, to try to get a few photos. By the time we got there, the sky was mostly gray again. But I’m grateful I got to bring home some fall memories.

Wheeler 1 2015

Wheeler 6

This picture is of a little deer beside the road, just enjoying a moment in the sun. She looked up from grazing just long enough to reassure herself I wasn’t a threat, and went back to nibbling.

Wheeler Deer

And now, in just a few days, the colors everywhere are muted. These are the typical colors of approaching winter:

Wilson Dam Road

There is something incredibly beautiful about the colors all around us now — the ones that remain just before everything freezes. I love the colors in this last picture.

Deibert 2009

Here are a few collages of mine that are influenced by this palette. Isn’t it interesting how color in the environment affects everything we do?

Loops Series, All's Fair - Collage, 6x8" Mounted on 8x10" Backing

Loops Series, All’s Fair – Collage, 6×8″ Mounted on 8×10″ Backing

Just a Misunderstanding - Collage, 6x6"  on 9x9" backing

Just a Misunderstanding – Collage, 6×6″ on 9×9″ backing

No Expectations - Collage, 6x6 inches on 9x9 inch backing

No Expectations – Collage, 6×6 inches on 9×9 inch backing



4 Comments leave one →
  1. December 7, 2015 10:01 am

    I really also love the colors in the last photo. And, see how your collages reflect the season and how you have captured it.

    • December 7, 2015 10:43 am

      I love those colors so much, Shirley. I’m glad I dug it up from my computer. Last night I started using my color dropper in Photoshop Elements to capture the many different spots of color in the photo, but could have gone on forever. At first glance, they don’t look that vibrant, but by isolating them, you can see it. So glad you like the collages!

  2. pat permalink
    December 8, 2015 5:22 pm

    enjoying the photos & art work. Love the one with colored grasses.

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