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A Fun Gelli Plate Video and a Collage or Two

March 25, 2013

I came across a great Gelli Plate demo video that I want to share with you. It inspired me to get out to the studio last weekend for another fun day with my plate. It’s titled “You Can’t Fail With a Gelli Plate with Carolyn Dube” and is perfect for illustrating how easy it is to make any number of simple to complicated prints.

On Saturday, I made a stack of new sheets by printing patterns onto just about everything, and then made a few more papers using painted surfaces and added drawing and doodles to them. Then after admiring them for a bit, I grabbed the scissors and cut them down to manageable collage-sized pieces. Those went right into my collage basket.

Here’s a new one. If you’re on facebook you might have already seen this one.

No Title Yet - Collage, 5.5 x 6.5" on 8x10 backing

No Title Yet – Collage, 5.5 x 6.5″ on 8×10 backing

Notes re the above collage . . . Several weeks ago I had made some big drips of thin bright green paint on a rather large sheet of white paper and set it aside. I scanned the drip for use in digital art. So on Saturday I took a look at it and wanted to use it as collage paper, but didn’t like the harsh bright green on a stark white background, so I brushed black over it with a very dry, very long brush. The result ended up looking like wood grain. The background of this collage is actually three pieces of that same paper, reassembled in a new way, jigsaw fashion. The rest of the collage is made up of doodle fragments and a piece of a gel print.

Here’s another new one . . .

Quixotic - Collage with etching fragment and painted papers, 4 x 4.75" on a 6x7" backing

Quixotic – Collage with etching fragment and painted papers, 4 x 4.75″ on a 6×7″ backing

This one actually has a piece of an old etching of mine, visible on the left hand side. Nothing is safe from my scissors.

I hope you enjoy the video. I did.

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  1. April 12, 2013 11:07 am

    Thank you for posting your prints and for the Carolyn Dube video. You are right–it was funny, charmingly so. It was the impetus that “forced” me to finally make my own plate. It may even have been the next day! I have since re-melted the original, added more goop, and made a larger plate.

    I’m loving printmaking, but I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve long been fascinated! Back in the dark ages, I started out as a layout and pasteup publications person before moving on to technical editing. I like this art much better! <:-D Never know what the page is going to look like!

    Thanks for sharing your art and processes. You cannot know the people you touch…. I have been recovering from long-term serious illness, so you have brought life into my dark patch….

    –Best, Laurel

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