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Earth-Inspired Collages

September 7, 2012

Underground – Collage, 4×4″

Much of my time these days is spent on an intimate basis with the earth — the soil, mixing compost, digging out tangled roots, harvesting, and planting all over again. It naturally follows that the images that come to me in the studio are earth-inspired.

This one is titled “Underground.” I see a lot of bare earth just underneath the surface as I prepare new beds for planting. There are intricate webs of life just beneath the surface. It never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. September 7, 2012 6:51 pm

    I love the new collage. It does remind me of all that is underneath!
    Havent written in a while as I was in hospital getting new knee. I thought when I got home I would have all kinds of time to create. Not so, between PT< OT< nurse and aide, I am too tired. But that too will come and I will embrace my art again.

    • September 8, 2012 9:32 am

      Aw, Pat! I’m so sorry you had to get a new knee. I know you’ll be good as new soon, though it probably doesn’t seem that way right now. Hope you’re art-ing again soon.

  2. September 7, 2012 7:14 pm

    just discovered your artist journal yesterday so very glad I did it lifted my spirits and made my day and I bookmarked it it’s just fabulous you seem to be so in love with life! so keep your hands in the dirt and your art on the blog! and thank you very much for sharing with us. Pinky O

    • September 8, 2012 9:22 am

      Pinky, your blog is positively delightful. I laughed out loud at some of your cartoons, and the art is so charming. So glad you stopped by. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. September 8, 2012 11:42 am

    Martha – like this very much – colors, textures……I believe in being “one with the earth”

  4. September 8, 2012 7:39 pm

    Your mark making is always so strong, even when the marks are partly obscured. Love it.

  5. September 13, 2012 12:37 am

    I can actually feel roots growing and the smell of the Earth with this one!

  6. September 14, 2012 6:10 pm

    lovely! I really like the contrast between the top and bottom sections!

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