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The Present Moment

June 26, 2012

The Present Moment – Collage, 5×5″

Just another collage using my newest painted papers plus some of my bits and pieces. Nothing puts me in the present moment like creating, or like big fat juicy summer tomatoes! This one fits a sandwich perfectly, with even a little hanging outside the edges. I don’t usually eat mayonnaise any more, and not even much bread these days. But in this case I’ll make an exception.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

This is the first time we’ve planted the Mortgage Lifter heirloom tomato. The things are monstrous. I’m hooked!

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  1. June 26, 2012 9:00 pm

    This collage is so summery, like your perfect tomato. Love it!

  2. June 26, 2012 9:22 pm


  3. June 27, 2012 8:44 am

    I love this one, Martha. Oops, just realized I slept in those colors last night!

    Wish for today: that all our present moments could be layered with variety and met with this kind of tranquility!

  4. June 27, 2012 1:21 pm

    Hi Martha:
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your garden…glorious tomatoes.
    I love your collage in its soft pastel colors. patq

  5. June 27, 2012 1:26 pm

    Yum, and the collage is good too 🙂

    • June 29, 2012 6:31 am

      Myfanwy, I wish we had scratch and sniff capability on our blogs! Thanks, glad you like the collage too.

  6. June 27, 2012 10:09 pm

    The collage is pure summer but the tomato is making my mouth water right now! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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