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Another New Discovery

January 26, 2012

Haiku 9, Acrylic and Collage on Cradled Masonite 8 x 8 x 2"

As you may recall from reading this blog, I like to buy art books. Exactly a year ago, give or take a few days, I wrote in this post that I had bought Art Revolution by Lisa L. Cyr. I’ve enjoyed reading the book off and on over time and, as with all good art books, every time I pick it up it shows me something in a new way. So I’m currently reading it again with my coffee in the mornings.

This time I decided to look for Lisa online, to possibly see more works by her. I found not only a beautiful website, but her new blog Confessions of a Mixed Media Artist. I was delighted to discover a whole page of links to her video demos on texture, each one 12 to 13 minutes long, and packed with detail. I’ve been watching the first one and wanted to tell you about these so that you can check them out, and also explore her website and blog.

The bottom line is that I wanted to tell you about how much I’m enjoying the book, and then I went on this voyage of discovery into a great series of resources for mixed media artists.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 27, 2012 3:19 am

    always so touched by your generosity, lovely to have a picture of you over your morning coffee, feels like i can join you in a cuppa! will definitely check out the book and demos. thank you!

  2. January 27, 2012 8:52 am

    Dear Martha, your creative world is dragging me too in all these exciting works… I love your art works and your style… She is amazing, I have visited her blog and also I noted her book too, I want to buy it. In these days the most of my time is being with photography…But I want to start to make paintings, and drawing, etc. I need to be organized, especially hours in my day! I hope I can arrange everything. Thank you so much for sharing with us all these beautiful things… Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

    • January 27, 2012 11:38 am

      Nia, I know! It’s so frustrating isn’t it? Not enough hours in the day nor days in the year to do it all. But creative people can use little bits of time and accomplish amazing things!

  3. patq permalink
    January 27, 2012 5:39 pm

    Thanks for the heads up on all those videos by Lisa Cyr. I enjoyed looking at them today. I own that book and love it but did not realize she had more to share.
    Martha, have you thought of writing a method book or crafting a demo for a video? I, for one, would watch or buy… 🙂
    pat q

    • January 27, 2012 7:39 pm

      Thank you for that, Pat! Yes I have thought a lot about it. Maybe I’ll get serious about it this year. If I do, rest assured you’ll be one of the first to know.

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