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On The Verge

January 9, 2012

On The Verge - Collage, 5x5"


I like to collect random phrases as possible titles for art. This one spoke to me in all kinds of ways right now. The daffodils are on the verge of popping through the ground, even though winter hasn’t fully arrived and may not at all. Everything in our natural world is confused this year, not knowing whether to put out buds or to go to sleep for another month. I need to spread compost in my raised vegetable beds to prepare them for spring planting, but the ground is too wet due to heavy winter rains. Everything is on the verge, but in a holding pattern.

That gives me time to stay inside and create, which isn’t altogether a bad thing.

I hope you’re taking advantage of nature’s holding patterns too!

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  1. January 10, 2012 4:52 am

    I collect phrases too. Sadly, I’m so badly organised that I can never find my book when I need it in a hurry! It’s now filed on the shelf under my computer……

    • January 10, 2012 8:46 am

      Myfanwy, you’ll never believe where I keep mine! I have a draft email to myself that stays a draft forever! My email tab is almost always open so it’s easy to go find them, add, and take one.

      • January 10, 2012 2:22 pm

        Martha, that is a BRILLIANT idea. I will steal it.

  2. January 10, 2012 12:14 pm
    Thank you dear Martha, you are one of my nominated names for Versatile Blogger Award. With my love, nia

  3. January 15, 2012 1:44 pm

    Beautiful artwork and great title! Winter has been strange here too, very mild and wet.

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