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Sheltered, New Collage

December 22, 2011

Sheltered, Collage with Handmade and Hand Painted Papers, 8x9.5 Inches

I guess all those old structures from our road trip on Tuesday were still on my mind today when I created this collage. There are plenty of them around. It was my original intenet to do a normal collage and crop it to a predetermined size, maybe 8×8″ or 5×7″. But I liked the angles and corners going outside the edges so I decided to keep them.

Office Assistants
Our furry children have had more than their share of vet visits recently. As you may already know, our oldest dog Boomer has had a lot of medical problems, including three cancer surgeries. That was all in this past year. He doesn’t get around well at all now and seems to have one thing after another going wrong, but is still engaged and happy most of the time. However, his hearing is completely gone now, so he sticks by my side everywhere I go. I’m his ears now.

And Reno, our mixed breed girl, is just a year younger than he is. Today we had to take her in to have an eye infection treated (yes, dogs get styes!) It was pouring rain, and that made for an adventure getting her there and back, but we had to do it because the vet will be closing for the holidays.

Abby the Whippet just goes with the flow. She’s either tearing off in one direction or another or zonked out completely on a nice soft bed.

These three and Blueberry the kitty are the “kids” that will be getting presents under the tree. The dogs know the words “Christmas” and “presents.” They get very excited these last few days.

Here they are in my office, dreaming of squeaky toys and chewy treats. They aren’t pampered much.

Office Assistants, 12-20-2011

And Blueberry looks out the window, on her perch just out of the first picture, dreaming of birds.

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  1. December 23, 2011 8:53 pm

    The “babies” look as if they are all settled in for a long winters nap…..waiting for old St. Nick….

  2. December 24, 2011 1:14 am

    How lovely to see your family, Martha. Yes, the collage is reminiscentl of a building. Like the odd shapes.

    We are with the family for the next couple of days, Looking forward to some time with them all. Have a lovely day tomorrow,

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