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Easing Back Into Work

November 28, 2011

The only art activities I had time for last week were some sessions with my little granddaughter, which were great fun. Seeing her getting so focused and totally wrapped up in what she was doing made me want to play too. But I felt I needed to focus on her (and so did she!)

After the kids left, a quiet, cold and rainy weekend gave way to a cold and rainy Monday. Just perfect to slide back into doing some art.

I’ve been forcing myself to learn at least one new thing every time I launch Adobe Illustrator. For the longest time I’ve wanted to learn how to properly create fabric pattern repeats. Don’t ask — I don’t really know why exactly. It’s just something I’d always been curious about and needed to solve.

So this morning I pushed through a great Illustrator tutorial for making a pattern repeat. I just grabbed a few simple motifs I already had and went through the exercise. This was the result.

From this basic stepped tile:


Came this overall pattern:


I used to have a nifty plug-in for Adobe Illustrator,  Symmetry Works which I highly recommend.  But I lost that when we moved from Florida. It had been installed on my old computer which I gave to my grandson, and of course I hadn’t saved a copy of the download. But it’s better to know how these things work manually anyway. I’m glad to be going through the exercise.

New Collages

And I managed to get a couple of collages done yesterday. Here is one of them.

Pirouette - Collage with Gold Metallic Thread, 5x5"

I hope you’re happily creating. Have a wonderful day.


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