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Tomatoes and A Blog to Inspire You

August 13, 2010

Yesterday we went back to visit the Amish farms in search of more tomatoes to make sauce. Our tomatoes have been severely slowed down by the heat. Farmers who grow tomatoes on a much larger scale still have plenty of produce to sell. So we bought 40 pounds! More work coming up in a hot kitchen in the days ahead.

Today before we take off again with our granddaughter for a big family lunch, let me just share with you an artist who contacted me earlier this week to tell me he was including my blog in his blogroll. I was so enchanted with his wonderfully textural work, and think you will be too. His name is Eric Adama and his blog (I love this part!) is titled Cerulean – an Undaily Visual Journal.  His links include more blogs by several wonderful artists, each of which could keep you inspired for a long time, and then there’s me. I am honored.

Next stop at noon today is a very Southern country restaurant, local and not a chain. I’m pretty sure I won’t need dinner.

Have a fantastic Friday and don’t forget to take some creative time!

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  1. August 17, 2010 10:19 am

    That Cerulean blog is a good find; thank you for sharing. Well, I suppose he found you first, then it went from there. The internet is such a wonderful thing!
    Hope you enjoyed your lunch; I grew up eating at places like that on occasion…it’s just good, homestyle southern food (although usually there’s way too much!)
    Enjoy your week, Martha!

  2. Nancy permalink
    August 19, 2010 1:47 pm

    wow, thanks for the link to Eric Adama… and his links – it is such small world now isn’t it?

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