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An Art Trade Between Friends

April 12, 2010

Chris Bellinger and I recently decided to do an art card exchange that he wrote about in his blog post today. It came about completely spontaneously on Twitter. I was admiring his most recent work, and so he said he would send me an art card. It was actually two — one with a personal note inside, and one with no writing on the inside. Each little painting is so light and happy and spontaneous, and each is an image of the sea and rocks and salt spray. He created a deckled edge around the works, so I chose one to float in a larger mat, and here it is matted.

In return, I sent him a small painting that you can see on his blog. You may already know Chris and his work, since we have been exchanging comments on our blogs for a couple of years now, and ended up following each other on Twitter as well.

This is going to be a busy week. We now are ready to put in our vegetable garden, which will be time consuming but not as difficult as a traditional garden. We are not tilling this hard rock-and-clay soil. We are putting in raised beds and importing soil from the local farmer’s co-op.

In addition, we still have a bunch of planting to do in our landscape. We have one little bank that washes red clay down into our driveway from the yard next door. We’ll be shoring that up first with some added topsoil, then some landscape fabric, and then plant some blue rug junipers through the fabric. What a job that’s going to be! And the flower garden is a continuing work in progress. First we had nothing but tulips and daffodils, but that will be filled in with a lot more flowers.

In the meantime, I’m getting three new pieces ready for another show coming up, and working on some new concepts for a client. And there’s the cow skull painting that I haven’t started on yet.

Here is another one of the new series that I sent to the gallery.

“Ritual 15″ – Mixed Media on Cradled Panel, 8 x 8 x 2”

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  1. April 12, 2010 9:30 am

    Thanks so much Martha the card looks Happy in its new home it was a good exchange and have a good week

    • April 12, 2010 1:22 pm

      Thanks Chris. That was fun! And I’m so glad to have a piece of your work in person. It’s beautiful.

  2. Sandra permalink
    April 12, 2010 6:22 pm

    Love the little card, and also your latest work. Very simple and very effective. Your garden sounds like hard work but should be an ongoing joy seeing it all come together – another outlet for your creativity.

    • April 13, 2010 9:15 am

      Sandra, I don’t mind hard work if there are rewards at the end! Yes! All energy is creative energy. Glad you like the art!

  3. April 14, 2010 6:48 am

    I love Ritual #14!!

  4. April 14, 2010 12:08 pm

    Love the idea of art trade. Over the past 2 years almost I’ve been trading my jewelry – bracelets and anklets – for other artists work.
    I love the colourways of both these works.

  5. April 17, 2010 11:20 am

    Martha you and Chris are an inspiration as always. I have done many book trades for Leading Raspberry Jam Visions but never art trades for my art work. Just this week an artist from an neighbouring island contacted me to do an art card trade (the size of a hockey card). I agreed. It just seemed like so much fun.

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