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Some Links to Inspire

February 19, 2010

Today we got out for a drive to take some pictures again. As soon as I go through them, there might be some to share.

In the meantime, I have a couple of links today that I think you might enjoy and which might inspire you.

Check out this new line of Tulip Fashion Graffiti paints. Even though these are marketed as fabric paints, I can see all kinds of possibilities using them on canvas, paper, or boards. My thanks to Alexa at The Swell Life who sent me a message on Etsy about these wonderful paints. I especially love the spray bottles! And I think you’ll like Alexa’s blog too.

A few months ago I posted a video of Detroit artist Gilda Snowden working in her studio. Here is another video showing her working on her encaustic paintings. I love Snowden’s exuberant colors, delicious textures, and free-spirited way of working.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. Have a creative weekend!

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  1. February 20, 2010 2:52 pm

    Thanks so much for the link to the video Martha; I have always loved Traci’s style, and have one of her books. Like you, my mind is swimming with possibilities. In fact, those taggers would be awesome for a project I am just starting that has text underneath the collage. I wonder if they are in New Zealand yet? Hmmm..

  2. February 20, 2010 3:17 pm

    Sigh. Aren’t we thrilled there’s yet another thing to go buy at the art supply store?? I am so tempted. If you ordered them online, I’ll bet the shipping wouldn’t be too prohibitive.

    I’m sure there are big paint markers available to you somewhere, but it’s those pump spray bottles that got my attention in particular!!

  3. February 20, 2010 10:28 pm

    Thanks so much for linking to my page and the shoutout. I’m glad you like the new paints. Traci is so sweet in person and super inspiring 🙂

  4. February 22, 2010 11:31 am

    Martha, what great ideas you have shared. I particularly like the trip into Gilda Snowden”s studio. I have done very little building up of surfaces. Peter Weis is an artist here on Mayne Island who does amazing pieces with fired work and canvas Always so interesting to see what others are doing.

  5. February 23, 2010 11:58 am

    I think online might be the answer; there is only one NZ distributor but they are not getting this range in at the moment. Hmmm…

  6. February 24, 2010 9:46 am

    just saw u r out for drive and taking pics. I see this lovely gray church on the way to Tenneesee all the time and ive been meaning to stop and take pics of it fro my sister to draw. I thot i’d share it with u dont know if u r in to but, is an old looking like something out of europe kind of thing. set in loretto, tenn. on the right hand side of the road behind a house, cant miss it really, it grey and tall but small. is beautiful. doesnt really belong there i think. u might like on ur drives out. ot far from us…enjoy!

    • February 24, 2010 12:37 pm

      Yes! I’ve seen it Sandi, and have had the same thought. It’s incredible. I need to take a picture and maybe some day try to paint it! Thanks for reminding me. And thanks for stopping in.

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