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Before and After Challenge, Brian Parker

June 27, 2009

Brian Parker is our artist for today. Thank you for sharing your work, Brian. I’ll let him tell you about it in his own words. Here is a link to a gallery of Brian’s works.

Hi Martha,
I thought I’d join in on the before and after scene. I did a drawing
about two years ago when I was really learning. It was just one of
those drawings that seemed touching to me. I kept it hung in my
office at home for quite some time. After a couple more years of
learning and taking hold of my own technique, I decided to draw the
picture over again just so I could see if it would improve. I’ll let
you be the judge. I think it’s a great thing to do, to go back and
redo. Helps us to grow in our art and teaches us many lessons. Hey,
thanks for the opportunity.
Brian Parker

Brian 1Before

Brian 2After

My own response:  Wow! I see a huge difference between these two versions of the same subject. The proportions in the second one are much more convincing to me. It’s obvious that you took what you’ve been learning and applied it to this subject. Very, very nice.

I remember in life drawing classes when the instructor used to drive me absolutely crazy when he would walk over to my drawing pad and try to show me what I was doing wrong. I knew it wasn’t quite “right” but didn’t know how to fix it. He would tell me and try to show me, and it would just frustrate me more, almost to the point of tears. I knew he was trying to help, but it didn’t feel that way. It was very difficult for me to understand it from listening to his words. The only way for me to “get it” was just to keep drawing and drawing and drawing. And still I get rusty if I’m not drawing on a regular basis.

Thanks again for sharing, Brian. I really appreciate your willingness to show your Before and After drawings. Comments, anyone?

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  1. June 27, 2009 3:19 pm

    I prefer the first kind of surface treatment and the expression of the face. Although the proportions may be more convincing, the second one is “over-finished”.

  2. sherrill pearson permalink
    June 27, 2009 3:58 pm

    Hi Brian,

    I really studied both of these pieces.

    I definitely prefer the second version. It is more sensuous and I believe delivers the message better – that being the attraction of a beautiful woman. I believe it’s the finishing that makes it more sensuous.

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