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Wild Spirits Opening at Morean Arts Center

June 12, 2009

Tonight I will be attending the opening of “Wild Spirits” a group of three exhibitions of sculptures and mixed media art at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

My friend and fellow Brava member Candace Knapp will have her own exhibition room in this show, which will emphasize themes of fantasy, bright color, and whimsy. Looking at the description on the website, I think we are in for a treat. Candace’s work will also have the added dimension of sound, which is as whimsical and playful as her sculptures.

Be sure to visit Candace’s website if you haven’t before. Her work is definitely an extension of her personality. It’s impossible to get depressed when you are with her and her work. If you’re fortunate enough to be close enough to get to this show, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

New Collage

I have several new collages. I’m still doing them in the 5 x 7 inch format, but am planning to do a series of square ones.

I Detect a Pattern

“I Detect a Pattern” – Collage, 5 x 7 inches

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  1. June 13, 2009 8:42 am

    Martha, you continue to amaze me. You keep making wonderful art and other goodies, even while your house is being sold. I haven’t been to the studio in weeks, because I’m doing major decluttered and cleaning. Maybe when that’s done, I’ll get back down there.

    • June 13, 2009 12:24 pm

      Ah, Mary. It’s the art that keeps me from going crazy. Otherwise I’d be watching through the blinds to see if anybody’s slowing down to just look interested in our house!! And it’s not the price. We are priced exactly right for the area. It’s maddening.

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