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More Tyvek Fun

April 16, 2009

Since I liked the Tyvek experiments so far, I thought I’d continue with this today. Here is one of the pieces in yesterday’s post, simply placed on the scanner for a better look.


(Careful not to keep the heat gun in one place too long. You’ll get a hole just like I did!)

I then drybrushed Golden Interference Oxide Green on that piece plus another piece, and some Jacquard Textile Metallic Silver on another. Then I heated these with a heat gun from the back side (the side with no color) in order to get more texture. These three pieces are the result:


I could completely imagine incorporating these into mixed media art, or collage, or fiber art pieces. I plan to cut these into approximately 4 x 5″ pieces and include them in some of my Collage Papers Creativity Packs on Etsy. In this picture you see a representative sampling of what goes into these packs. There are pieces of a collagraph print on handmade paper, an etching on top of a monoprint, a variety of plain handmade papers, Asian joss paper, old tea-stained maps, origami papers, pieces of my failed art experiments, bits of paintings, and more.

Click on the picture below for more info on these and my other collage supplies.


If you’ve been playing with Tyvek, I’d love to see (and show) what you’ve done with it.

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  1. April 16, 2009 11:36 am

    Very cool effects Martha.
    You ARE going to write a book. Aren’t you?
    In your spare time. : )

  2. April 18, 2009 8:32 pm

    I remember you talking about Tyvek a while back and I was curious what you would do with it. Boy, those turned out nicely. I can see they’d make a nice addition to one of your paintings. They kind of remind me somewhat of some plastic bags I fused with an iron. I incorporated some of the pieces into a painting, which I’m not wild about it, but I’ll post it anyway.


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