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Learning PhotoShop and Illustrator

March 13, 2009


Graffiti Wall – Cropped Photograph

My new laptop has the full Adobe PhotoShop installed and so I’ve only recently begun working with it. My Mac has PhotoShop Elements, which has been fine for what I wanted to do, but there are some differences between the two programs that stop me in my tracks once in a while when I’m working in PhotoShop. So this morning I’m pulling my hair out trying to learn a few new things in PhotoShop.

The Adobe Design Center has some great tutorials with videos. I like learning new things, but sometimes I just want to get working right now! So my tendency is to just forge ahead and not stop until I have to.

And I still haven’t practiced Illustrator enough. I’ve watched and bookmarked tons of tutorials, and now I’m to the point where only practice makes perfect.

Anyway, no deadlines right now, so I will just enjoy learning new stuff.

A sure sign of old age is deciding you’ve learned all you need to know. — Martha Marshall

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  1. March 13, 2009 10:27 am

    ooo, love that piece of graffiti. I could hang that on my wall just the way it is! Ah you are a brave soul. I haven’t used photoshop in ages and never tried Illustrator, though I have it. Will have to check out those tutorials you mention. Thanks Martha!

  2. March 13, 2009 11:16 am

    If you are looking for photoshop stuff I have links on my site. Yeah, this is probably spam, sorry. But, I started the site so that I could easily get to my fav tutorials, brushes, textures, blogs…..

    Anyhoo.. sorry again for the spam, but i hope it helps you out.

    • March 13, 2009 12:36 pm

      Hey TipSquirrel – I like your site. Appreciate your sharing your link. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Sherrill Pearson permalink
    March 13, 2009 12:59 pm

    Hi Martha, Off subject above, just wanted to let you know I tried to forward a photo of a piece I did after viewing your tutorial on paintskins. But I must have an old e-address as it was undeliverable. 😦

  4. March 13, 2009 6:58 pm

    I have been using the full force Photoshop for over 10 years. I taught myself. However, I just took a BEGINNING PHOTOSHOP class at the art center in St. Pete. It was wonderful.

    Yes, I knew most of the stuff already. However, it was so great to hear it from a different point of view. Also, I do things the “Sheree” way. This is not always the traditional way. When I started to teach others Photoshop I realized I had to learn the conventional way of Photoshop, so I could teach the skills properly. (There is nothing wrong with the “Sheree” way. The problem is that only SHEREE understands it!!!)

    I loved that Photoshop class. Even though it was a basic class, I learned bunches of little, interesting tidbits.

    You are right. It is never too late to learn (EVERYTHING!!!!)

    • March 14, 2009 10:15 am

      Sheree I can identify 100%. My M.O. is usually to just teach myself and go my merry way, only to slap myself on the forehead when I find out I’ve been doing it the hard way. I’d love to take those classes!

  5. March 14, 2009 4:06 am

    I started learning Illustrator with the Nr. 1 Version in 1988, and I have loved it ever since. Economy forced me to work with Corel which now is a fine programm, and about 10 years ago I started with photoshop. It is a skill that takes time to learn, it will take months of daily practise to be perfect. Don’t worry! It is worth while.

    • March 14, 2009 10:09 am

      Eva, I learned on Corel PhotoPaint and used that for years. I resisted PhotoShop for a long time because I still had my old version of Corel. But now I’m trying to make a complete transition once and for all.

  6. March 14, 2009 6:25 pm

    Martha – if you want access to great tutorials, you might want to get a subscription (available monthly) to – they have tons of videos on Photoshop, Illustrator and almost any other program you might want to learn. Their videos are usually included if you bought the hard-copy of the Photoshop Suite.

    IMHO it’s the best $25 a month I spend (and its cheaper than buying a new book).

    Always a pleasure to stop by and visit and see what you’ve been up to.

    😀 eirdre

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